Prism Electric believes in the benefits of pre-fabrication to the extent we have our own, pre-fabrication dedicated, 27,000 SF material logistic facility. We have seen firsthand the pre-fabrication process reducing project schedules and even reducing costs. By identifying repeating elements of our construction projects, our teams can increase productivity and reduce on-site lay down space requirements.

Our teams create 3D shop drawings and use those to identify repeating electrical elements like in-wall boxes, conduit assemblies, trapeze supports, underground duct banks and more. These elements are created in our pre-fabrication facility, located at our company headquarters. By building these elements in our facility, we are best able to control the cleanliness of the environment, which is critical for healthcare, mission critical and many other project types.

The benefits of pre-fabrication are well documented. The 2011 McGraw Hill Smart Market report provided data illustrating real process improvements made by project teams using prefabrication on their projects:

  • 66% reported schedules were decreased with 35% of those reporting reductions by four weeks or more
  • 65% reported project budgets were decreased with 41% of those reporting reductions by 6% or more
  • 77% reported construction site waste was decreased with 44% of those reporting reductions of 5% or more

Prism Electric has capabilities to pre-assemble electric rooms, in-wall boxes (with support, ring, and connector), in-wall boxes with wiring whips, in-wall boxes with conduit stub-ups, overhead HCF whip home runs, lighting whips, lighting fixtures, conduit racks, conduit supports, welded equipment supports, trapeze supports, and underground duct banks to name our most common pre-fabricated efforts. The process benefits a wide range of project types including healthcare, mission critical, hospitality, office, retail, municipal and more.

 Prism Electric’s team understands the efficiencies and benefits of pre-fabrication.