Start-up, systems testing and commissioning are all key aspects of Prism’s Quality Assurance program. The team operates daily with a mind toward the close-out of the project, which includes, start-up, testing and training.

For example, throughout construction, the Prism team diligently maintains equipment documentation as systems and equipment are approved and installed. In this way, Prism gains a head start in developing the owner manuals. All of our quality control documentation is also included as part of the owner manuals. Prism’s goal at 50% completion is to revisit and plan the close out of the project, including major milestones, inspections and documentation for schedule verification.

Prism also works closely with all local and state authorities to verify local codes and ordinances and schedules inspections required to meet all project milestones.

In addition, Prism works closely with other specialty contractors in a start up process to verify and sign-off on the proper installation of electrical connections to all equipment. Part of the last 50% schedule is a startup and test plan in which we work closely all other trades and owner furnished equipment vendors to schedule energization of the equipment and verification of the proper electrical configurations and connections. Prism’s approach to commissioning depends on owner requirements, however, our fundamental philosophy is to stay involved until all systems operate within the building and the owner is trained to operate them.

Our construction team also brings in the Prism Service Department during the last month of construction in order to educate the service team about hospital electrical systems so they can provide continuity of service with future maintenance requirements or service calls.

Prism’s close out process includes several key deliverables:

  • As Built Drawings
  • Operations & Maintenance Manuals Along with all Warranties
  • Owner Training on All Systems
  • Standard Project Warranty