We at Prism Electric are totally dedicated to economically delivering to our customers the highest standards of quality in our products and services. We are continuously improving the processes and procedures we use to obtain this goal. Prism’s focus on quality begins in the design and preconstruction phase, continues through the construction phase and is finalized in the start-up and commissioning phase. Prism’s full time Quality Control Manager oversees Prism’s QA/QC Program and assists the project team on each phase of a project. The QC Manager also assures that Prism Quality Control Policies and Procedures are correctly implemented by assigning a QA/QC field representative on each project team to assist with documentation.

Some specific areas of Prism’s quality focus are:

  • Inspection and documentation of each and every piece of equipment before energizing
  • Checklist of all tests, inspections and documentation required to be performed
  • Ensure the design meets the needs of the customer through value engineering
  • Ensure customer receives what is specified and is what was submitted
  • Participate in the building commissioning process

Prism believes that in order to deliver the best, a proven Quality Control System is essential. We review our policies and revise as required to achieve our quality goals.