Customer Testimonials

“The teams that you selected to work with me have been 1st class. They are always going beyond the call of duty, willing to work around the clock as necessary, and keeping the areas that they were assigned clean, organized, and well coordinated with other trades.”

— Alan Davis
Senior Project Manager
MEDCO Construction

“The project manager's dedication to the client was always a constant. Many times a quick turnaround was needed on pricing and he would work late to make sure he delivered. Eugene always provided a customer first attitude, which was greatly appreciated by the church. His client focus set him apart. I appreciate Eugene’s dedication and service to the Gateway Church project.”

— Brad Henderson
Assistant Project Manager - Gateway Church
Balfour Beatty Construction

“We were very satisfied with Prism’s work. Not only was their work precise and well documented, but it was performed with excellent communication. The scope of work we assigned to Prism was well understood and was completed in a timely manner as agreed. In conclusion, we can truly say that Prism Electric was an asset to our design team.”

— Jean-Jacques Majob
Project Electrical Engineer
Dale W. Caffey Consulting Engineers, Inc.

“I would like to thank Prism Electric and Kyle Eastep for doing an excellent job on the Campus Landscape Enhancement project. Kyle and the crew were a pleasure to work with always professional and always on schedule. It is good to know that we still have individuals in the electrical trade that take pride in their work and do a professional job.”

— Hank Wilke
Electrical Construction Inspector - UTD Campus
UT System OFPC

“I cannot thank you enough for the outstanding performance of Prism Electric on this project. Prism Electric deserves a tremendous amount of credit for the client’s satisfaction.”

— Michael E. Anderson, Project Director, and Matt Sitterle, Superintendent
SpawMaxwell Co.
A Balfour Beatty Co.

“Thank you for the wonderful job you’ve done in getting our new emergency generator installed. It hasn’t gone unnoticed that you’ve handled the changes in the project, been extremely helpful in your interactions with our facility management department and the city inspectors and gone way beyond what was expected in our verification test procedures. For several weeks there were issues to resolve every time I turned around, tests to do and reports to send in and you never missed a beat.”

— Scott Leavers
Director, Cooperate Real Estate
Project Delivery

“Everyone here was very impressed with the work performed and the professionalism presented by your team. Although, we had many changes during the course of the project, your team remained focused; delivered timely performance and quality craftsmanship. Our project was a resounding success mainly due to your team’s diligence.”

— Erich Denninger
Maintenance/Facility Coordinator
Brady Medical

“The Midland Memorial Central Plant expansion project went very well during the estimating and planning phases. It’s a complicated project in a very tight space and Prism’s team was very well informed and willing to work with the design team to determine accurate estimates and schedules. As a result, the initial construction phases have gone smoothly and we’re looking forward to the remainder of the project.”

— Doug Calhoun