Construction Services

At Prism Electric, we take every construction project very seriously. It is our duty as a premier electrical contractor to begin every project in a manner that will ensure all potential problems are identified, the proper questions are asked, correct materials are purchased, and budget and schedule goals are set. The project management and field supervisory team are given the opportunity and tools required to produce an effective and complete plan to aggressively meet any project challenge. All of these practices and procedures protect the project schedule by placing the proper manpower onsite to meet the desired production, timely equipment deliveries, and to maintain important milestones. By performing all of the required upfront work, value engineering opportunities often are recognized which could financially benefit the customer. Once our comprehensive project plan is complete, it allows the construction team to focus on the implementation of that plan, better meet the everyday challenges of a complex project, and serve our customers at a higher level.

At the outset of each project Prism Electric defines success as meeting owner requirements for quality, budget and schedule using collaborative, safe and efficient methods. Throughout the construction process, we measure our progress based on the initial definition of success.

The Prism approach includes:

  • Assembling an experience project team with the expertise required to successfully complete the project
  • Standard operating procedures utilized throughout the company to ensure consistent performance on each project
  • Starting with extensive pre-job planning and proactive problem solving that begins with planning temporary power and continues through project close-out
  • Defining key project milestones to enable interval budget and schedule tracking
  • Tracking and measuring progress each week and making immediate adjustments to the project plan
  • Utilizing advanced technology and innovative construction methods to maximize efficiency
  • Finishing the project strong by beginning close-out planning at the project midpoint and by supporting the commissioning process
  • Working cooperatively with the general contractor, owner, engineer and other contractors make projects successful for all involved