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Prism Electric delivers superior value to our customers through our comprehensive design-build and design-assist services. Owners, designers and general contractors alike, have come to appreciate our ability to bring proactive solutions to the potential challenges of their projects, before those challenges become a problem. Even projects that don’t require our design-build or design-assist services benefit from our experience of early involvement in the preconstruction phase of projects. We believe these services are significant given the intricacy and technical nature of our portfolio of successful projects completed. We offer exemplary preconstruction services, including conceptual estimating, cost management engineering, purchasing strategies for long-lead items, project scheduling analysis, constructability reviews and developing project strategies that ensure the quality demanded by end users is delivered within the project budget.

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LEAN Method

A Proven Process for Conflict Resolution

The basic tenet of LEAN is elimination of waste in the form of effort, time and money. 

Although not a new or fancy form of technology, we find the greatest innovations are realized and best value delivered when LEAN concepts are applied to the project delivery process. The whole team, including owner, end user, designers, GC, and trade partners work together to create the most value. Potential pitfalls are identified during design – well in advance of construction – and a five-step problem solving process is applied.