Similarly to hospital projects and hotels, casino projects include many repeating elements, making prefabrication an excellent option for maximizing project efficiency. Our ongoing Choctaw Casino Resort Expansion project in Durant, Oklahoma, recently made extensive use of our prefabrication capability to install a renovated and expanded casino floor.

When imagining a casino, what do you picture? Most people answer with, “row upon row of slot machines.” That would be correct. The renovation and expansion of the south casino, which had to be complete within 90 days, included more than 600 new slot machines. The electrical draw of these machines mandates many, many under floor runs located to accommodate all the machines.

The schedule on this particular project was very demanding as the owner needed the south casino open in time for the Christmas and New Year holidays. For two solid days, our prefabrication facility ran long wire runs from spools. These wires were packaged within a flexible metal conduit and wired with outlets and boxes. They placed each run on a crate, wrapped in protective sheeting, and loaded onto a Prism Electric truck for just-in-time delivery to the site. Prism’s ability to prefabricate elements and deliver just in time for install, allowed the construction team to meet the requested schedule. Prism utilized the same process on the Winstar Casino Hotel II and III projects, where our team measured the time it took to install prefabricated elements. From start to finish (the hotels were constructed simultaneously), the team reduced the time to install by 30 percent.