The Parkland Hospital project encompassed all of Prism’s quality control (QC) procedures. This massive project site totaled 2.25 million-square-feet, and Prism’s goal was to successfully install all electrical systems. Even with the most detailed quality control process, confusion could easily occur. Each trade was assigned a specific color to reduce confusion or errors on the project. Prism Electric’s color tag was yellow, and as work was complete in an area, the QC Process began.

Prism’s QC process involved inspection by our QC manager followed by an inspection by the general contractor’s QC manager. Once approved by Prism and the GC, the city inspector inspected the completed work. If the work received a green tag of approval, we marked the area complete with a yellow stripe according to the color code developed during preconstruction. Nothing was covered by structure or finishes until the work in an area was approved by Prism Electric, the General Contractor, and the City Inspector. Due to our quality process, no walls had to be re-opened.