Building with the End in Mind

We begin and end each project with a focus on the final outcome and carefully consider each step required to deliver a quality product.

Prism’s approach to commissioning depends on owner requirements; however, our fundamental philosophy is to stay involved until all systems operate within the building and the owner is trained to operate them.

We work closely with the owner’s third-party commissioning agents and, ideally, we’d like to begin working with the third party during preconstruction.


  • Specification Review
  • Specification Review with Purchase Orders
  • Inspection Upon Delivery
  • Inspection During Installation
  • Inspection After Installation
  • Start-up and Testing

Post Construction

  • Emergency Response and Repair
  • New Systems Design and Implementation
  • Updates for Code Compliance
  • Generators
  • Outdoor Lighting Maintenance
  • Infrared Scanning
  • Maintenance Issues