Building with the End in Mind

We begin and end each project with a focus on the final outcome and carefully consider each step required to deliver a quality product.

Prism’s approach to commissioning depends on owner requirements, however, our fundamental philosophy is to stay involved until all systems operate within the building and the owner is trained to operate them.

We work closely with the owner’s third-party commissioning agents and, ideally, we’d like to begin working with that third party during preconstruction.


  • Specification Review
  • Specification Review with Purchase Orders
  • Inspection Upon Delivery
  • Inspection During Installation
  • Inspection After Installation
  • Start-up and Testing

Post Construction

  • Emergency Response & Repair
  • New Systems Design & Implementation
  • Updates for Code Compliance
  • Generators
  • Outdoor Lighting Maintenance
  • Infrared Scanning
  • Maintenance Issues