Our 27,000 sf facility showcases Prism’s commitment to prefabrication.

Prefabrication improves the project delivery process in terms of enhanced safety, quality, efficiency, waste reduction, schedule maintenance, protection for delicate light fixtures and more. We support our field forces with our fully staffed, 27,000 sf prefabrication facility located at our headquarters in Garland, TX. Our extensive experience with prefabricated assemblies includes electrical panels, head walls, foot walls, underfloor wire runs, wire racks, patient restroom pods, wall rough-ins and many others.


Our fully staffed 27,000 sf prefabrication facility offers advantages for the owner, construction team and the environment.

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Prism’s prefabrication process begins
during the design phase or as early
in preconstruction as possible.


The modeling team lays out the electrical drawings in 3D and identifies opportunities for prefabricating repeating elements.


Drawings are sent to the engineer for approval and then to our internal prefabrication department. The project team meets with the prefabrication manager to identify critical schedule milestones and develop a plan for just in time delivery of prefabricated elements.


When ready for delivery, the prefabricated elements are shipped to the job site.

Large items like electrical panels, overhead branch elements, headwalls etc. are carefully wrapped and shipped.


Repeating elements like lighting fixtures, home runs, wire spooling, wall rough ins, etc. are packaged into orange crates and shipped to the job site with a drawing detailing the individual room or area of the site for which the prefabricated elements are intended and the plans for their install.


Frank Genay

Frank Genay

Prefabrication Director

2985 Market Street
Garland, TX 75041


Prefabrication Saves Time and Improves Quality.

Enhanced Safety, Added Efficiency and Reduces Waste are Benefits of Prefabrication.

Electrical Panel Prefabrication

Flexible Conduit Prefabrication

Breaker Panel Prefabrication

Headwall Board Prefabrication

Prefabricated Materials Ready to Deliver to Job Site