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Prism is looking for talented, goal-oriented individuals to join our program. You’ll receive electrical and safety training as well as a sponsorship to a four-year electrical apprenticeship program.

Prism Electric offers valuable on-the-job training for candidates graduating with an electrical construction related degree. Our rotating on-the-job career development training program provides education and hands-on experience across multiple departments and roles including estimating, BIM, preconstruction, construction management, prefab, field crew, and more. In addition, our training program gives our new hires a thorough understanding of how to perform each aspect of a project from inception to completion according to Prism’s processes and procedures. Once training is complete, team members will have gained invaluable knowledge, experience, and skills to apply while developing their career at Prism Electric.

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Nicole Parrott

Director of Recruiting and Career Development

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Director of Human Resources

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