Design / Build

Simply a Better Way

At Prism we believe strongly that the Design Build and Design Assist process enhances end project value through a superior delivery experience that better meets end user needs. We apply Target Value Design principles wherein we see our value as that of presenting options that meet design intent within parameters. We are passionate about involving end users during design of even the smallest elements so that little decisions like light switch placement are undertaken with efficiency of function in mind. Design assist and design build projects account for more than 90 percent of the projects we undertake each year. Our approach involves the construction team in design meetings and mock up sessions, so that constructability analysis occurs when the project can benefit the most.

Bringing It All Together

Collaboration improves construction process and outcomes

By involving all members of the project team, from owner to designers, to contractor, to trades and the end user, the team is best able to design to meet end user needs within budgetary and schedule parameters.