Critical Systems

Mission Critical and Critical Care

Prism Electric has deep experience managing complicated electrical construction projects for critical facilities. In fact, we have developed specific construction processes to handle some of the most technically complex facilities built in North Texas. Over the years, this experience has created opportunities to provide electrical solutions for many types of critical facilities environments from data centers to healthcare facilities and beyond.

Resilient Systems

At the forefront, mission critical facilities were among the first to require dependable and resilient systems to support their unique and 24/7 functions. There are few facilities constructed with such significance on fault tolerant systems for their sensitive environments. Their systems must address all possible faults and threatening scenarios devising methods to recover quickly and contain any unforeseen events that may occur.

The most important systems are the Main Distribution Systems, and the Essential Electrical Systems. These systems provide the lifeline of power to all critical systems throughout the facility. The Distribution System must be installed properly and the systems coordinated correctly so that a single fault is contained allowing systems to recover quickly. The essential systems, which distribute power to critical equipment, critical branch and life safety systems, are critical elements of the power distribution system and similar in nature to those required in any critical facility.

Prism Electric, Inc. can provide commissioning for electrical systems or assist a commissioning agent. We are a certified PDI start-up company for PDUs and STS switches in Texas.