Through the efforts of progressive-minded field supervisors, Prism has been recognized as an industry leader in training, and has received additional  state funding opportunities for training based on our excellent level of participation and our record of advancement of participants.

Six of Prisms most recent  additions to the IEC (Independent Electrical Contractors) Federally Registered Apprenticeship Program, have recently completed the OSHA 10 Hour Safety Training for Construction, and received their Prism “OSHA 10 “ hard-had stickers, which they are proudly displaying.

Along with their OSHA completion card, they received the personalized TEXO “ Safety First” badge  that  can  be  worn  to  signify successful completion of a uniform,  industry recognized program, meeting the safety training requirements of most contractors and job sites. This training was conducted at the CEF (Construction Education Foundation) DFW Training Center.