Predictive & Preventive Services

Proactive Approach

Prism works with many clients to establish and implement long-term maintenance plans to take care of issues before they become problems.

Regular maintenance of your electrical systems provides many benefits including:

  • Reduce the downtime of your electrical systems
  • Decreasing energy consumption and cost
  • Reducing the risk of emergency repairs
  • Decrease insurance rates

Prism Electric offers a full array of maintenance services including:

IR Thermographic Imaging

Using a state-of-art thermal imaging (infrared) camera, our certified thermographers have the ability to locate problems within your electrical system that are not apparent to the naked eye.

  • Used to identify unseen problems before they cause potentially serious damage to your electrical system & which may result in costly downtime
  • Minor repairs can often be performed during the inspection & more time consuming repairs can often be scheduled around peak production time, minimizing cost & production impact
  • Many insurance companies require this service to be performed & may offer a premium discount if completed
  • Recommended annually

Preventive Maintenance (PM) 

While beneficial in every type of facility, preventive maintenance is especially important in critical facilities such as healthcare, data centers and manufacturing / industrial where system failures can have serious and even life threatening consequences. Preventive maintenance may include some or all of the following:

  • Visible inspection of all components
  • Vacuum and wipe down equipment
  • Torque / tighten as required
  • Injection testing of breakers
  • Ground fault testing




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