Aerial Lighting, Design, Layout & Photometrics

Lighting Design & Installation

Energy savings, reduced maintenance and utility rebates.

Prism Electric can design and install LED lighting systems to meet all of your needs, including new or retrofit installations for parking lots, building interiors, parking garages, etc.

If reduced operating and maintenance costs are important to you, LED lighting will result in considerable long-term cost savings.

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Benefits of LED Lighting Systems

  • LED systems produce energy savings of 30 – 70% over conventional lighting
  • Lighting controls can further reduce operating costs
  • Positive ROI – generate positive cash flow in as little as two years
  • Fixture warranties up to 15 years on select products
  • Utility rebates available, reducing upfront costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Illumination Engineering Society of North America members on staff
  • Enhanced lighting promotes employee production, comfort & safety
  • Reduces environmental waste

Lighting Related Services

  • Design & layouts including photometrics | foot candle
  • Facility audit, measurement and verification
  • Utility rebate analysis & documentation
  • Lighting repairs and maintenance
    • Interior & exterior
    • Parking lots – bucket truck service up to 55ft
    • Signs
  • LED upgrades – interior & exterior
  • Wireless lighting ‘smart’ control systems
  • LOT / POE lighting
  • Recycle and disposal of existing lamps and ballast