Preconstruction Services

Over the years, the Prism preconstruction and estimating teams have built positive relationships with suppliers, which helps Prism offer competitive pricing and excellent service on all our projects.

Our approach involves identifying each system and space within the project to price accordingly at every stage of the project’s lifecycle. We apply Target Value Design principles wherein we see our value as presenting options that meet design intent within parameters.

Applying Target Value Design, Prism can quickly measure the impact of design on individual systems and produce real-time cost impacts.


During design and preconstruction, we address planned future expansions and install the means necessary to allow future installations while minimizing costs.

Cameron Vrzak
Garland director of preconstruction

Design-Assist | Design-Build 

Prism can help provide cost analysis of electrical system options and identify constructability issues well in advance of construction. Our process serves to eliminate cost creep and reduce non-owner driven change orders. At Prism, we see our role in a design-assist capacity as one of the presenting options and alternatives that can best suit the needs of the end user. We feel strongly that a collaborative process provides input from the entire team to achieve a common goal of quality work and success.