Safety is No. 1 Priority

Prism’s commitment helps you play it safe.

A company is only as good as its foundation. For a quarter of a century, Prism Electric, Inc. has staked its reputation on quality and its core values. These four core values serve as the foundation of everything we do. Our employees define these core values, and we take the measure of safety seriously, which starts with driving principles beyond our business. We believe our excellent safety record comes from our constant focus on training and safety procedures to help ensure the safety of all employees across all our sites. All of our safety efforts and programs work together to contribute to a zero lost time project. It’s a focus to be the safest, achieve an injury-free environment and build a team safety culture.

Plan safe. Work safe. Finish safe.

Prism Electric makes safety a part of its culture, establishing a safety program that promotes awareness and keeps each person accountable for their daily task. It is not enough to remind our field staff and technicians to always be safe, think about the task at hand, and not take shortcuts. It must be done S.M.A.R.T. each and every day. Safely. Mindful. Accurate. Right. Trained.

The Safety department continuously supports and works onsite with the project teams to ensure the successful implementation of Prism’s safety policies and industry best safe practices. This helps promote a safe and healthy work environment for not only Prism employees but for our trade partners and customers as well.

Infectious Disease Control Plan (COVID-19 Coronavirus)

Our plan is written in accordance with Prism’s BBP & OPID Program Section Ten of the Corporate Safety Manual. This plan shall be updated, modified and communicated to affected Prism personnel as necessary to maintain a safe and healthy workplace and to comply with current federal, state, and local mandates regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic. This plan must be followed by all employees of Prism Electric. In addition, our team abides by other local ordinances or customer requirements that may exceed or be more stringent than this current written plan.


A Prism Electric Safety Meeting

Our efforts in safety are not driven by a culture of compliance. They are guided by our core values and a constant pursuit to do and be better every day to produce a safe result and ensure quality of life for all members of the Prism family.

Ivan Medina
safety director