First Class Quality

Prism’s focus on quality begins in the design and preconstruction phase, continues through the construction phase and is finalized in the start-up and commissioning phase.

Prism assigns each project a Quality Control monitor, who is on site each day and responsible for working with our corporate QA/QC department to ensure QC is an ongoing element of construction. Part of the last 50% schedule of a project is a start-up and test plan, for which we work closely with other trades and owner furnished equipment vendors to schedule powering up of equipment and verify proper electrical configurations and connections.

Our process includes:

  1. Specification Review
  2. Specification review with purchase orders
  3. Inspection upon delivery
  4. Inspection during installation
  5. Post installation inspection
  6. Start up and testing

Case Study: New Parkland Hospital

Color Coded Area Completion


In this massive, 2.25 million square foot project we assigned each trade a color and marked an area with the color when the quality control process was complete to indicate when all trades were finished and the area was ready for finishes.

Quality Control Process

Prism’s QC process involves inspection and approval by our QC manager followed by the GC’s QC manager. Next is inspection by the city inspector. When the work received a green tag of approval, we marked the area complete according to the color code developed during preconstruction. Nothing was covered by structure or finishes until the work in an area was approved by Prism, the GC and the city inspector.


No walls were re-opened for additional work.

Case Study: DFW Terminal A

Site-Specific Quality Control


The size and scale of this project required a site-specific Quality Control plan that included color-coding as well as locating the Prism corporate quality director on site.

Quality Control Process

Installation of all elements is executed according to the site-specific QC plans. After installation is complete, the project superintendent inspects for accuracy and completeness. Next is the Prism QC director inspection followed by the GC QC manager review.  The last step involves the airport (which also its own municipality) inspector. The area is issued a green tag if the work meets the QC specifications.  Only then is our color painted onto structure and marked as complete.


Project close out was streamlined because the documentation were already completed, filed and ready for hand over to the end user. The process also increases our team efficiency and improves accuracy of exact methods documentation.