JP Hart Lumber

Prism Electric was contacted in the summer of 2018 by JP Hart Lumber to come out and assess the existing lighting system and offer a solution to upgrade to LED. Upon conducting our field audit, we realized that there were many challenges and deficiencies with the existing system. The light fixtures were a mix of 250/400W High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halides along with 6lamp T8 fluorescents. Circuiting was not to code and a mix of various voltages plus over 20% of the existing lights did not work. Talk about bad lighting this was it.


Prism Electric coordinated with our partner Connections For Conservation to come up with the best solution at the best price since we had to work within a budget. The new installation consisted of Litelume HBLECO LED fixtures. Overall the project used just shy of 400 new fixtures. We located the lights where they were needed and not blocked by stacks of lumber. We installed new circuiting to correct code issues. Light levels were greatly improved and the longevity of LED’s will eliminate future maintenance expenses including a 10yr warranty on the fixtures. Last, Prism coordinated with Centerpoint Energy and even with all the challenges that the existing system presented was able to obtain JP Hart Lumber a $18k rebate

JP Hart Lumber
Houston, Texas